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Deep down, we are all seeking a deeper connection with those around us. But how do we do that in away that makes good business sense?

The gateway to trust and loyalty starts with being grateful, as odd as it may sound to the business world, however, the business worldly appreciate that being grateful is really a skill that can be learned. I learned this from Dan Sullivan a mentor of mine. He says, we think of being grateful when we are thankful for what someone did for us. There is another side to being grateful that represents our appreciation for people and situations in our world. When we condition ourselves to start with appreciating all the gifts we have, seemingly good or bad, a clarity will emerge. And with clarity our experience will change. You may find, as I do, that when my mind is clear, my actions are easier. I can find the right words to say and to my amazement situation unfold gracefully.

Even in the midst chaos starting with what you are grateful for will lead to more genuine and authentic connections. Delivering bad news will instead become useful and constructive information rather than malice accusations. If you are striving for excellence clear communication is essential to building your character. That is how loyalties with the right people will begin to form.

You are properly thinking right now “who can I trust” maybe we should all spend more time thinking how can I make this person feel valued? Appreciating their qualities and seeing how they are different from yours.

If you are seeking excellence in your life and business we would love to hear from you, connect.

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