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And it’s not manipulative. Relationships are like gold to your business and life. If you think about it, your business only exists because you offer something of value that people are willing to pay you for.

Jay Abraham, says there is really only one question on people’s mind “who can I trust”. The goal then is to be trustworthy. The hard truth is that trust starts with trusting yourself. A mentor of mine, Dan Sullivan as written a guideline to be a better person and get more referrals. It goes like this: 1. Show up on time. 2. Do what you say you are going to do. 3. Complete what you start. 4. Say please and thank you. (Here is a brilliant recording by, Shannon Waller, expanding this concept further, Strategic Coach.)  It’s really quite simple. It’s strange how we make it more complicated than it needs to be. We each have a choice on how we choose to live our lives. It’s interesting to me how we grow by going back and forth between how we treat ourself and how we interact with others. When we feel secure mentally, emotionally and have a clear direction we are moving in we will be more present and available to handle the needs of those around us.

To leverage relationships then is to be available for other peoples needs. When you take this to heart you may find, as a result, that the people around you might change. When I tell people one of our services is gift giving a common response is “well I’m the one that should be getting the gift”. There seems to be a disconnect in some people’s mind about what a gift really is. There are frivolous gifts, for sure, but that is not what I’m talking about. The art of gift giving is a gesture of respect, honor and true appreciation for another person. It stands to reason you should be clear about your motives before offering a gift. You should also understand gifts don’t always come with a bow or in a box. A kind word is a gift. Maybe what has put people off of the idea of gift giving is that they feel there is an expectation that boards on entitlement? Let see if we can change that.

For some simple ideas that will help you start connecting with people in new ways.

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