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What makes someone loyal to you and your business?

Do’s & Don’t’s That Build Connections

Relationship building really starts with how you think about people. Joe Polish taught me that people can sense when you are being transactional rather than offering them a transformative product or experience. Is your goal to have lasting success? When you invest time, money and energy to develop trusting and loyal relationships consider starting with…
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Seek Connections with Others

Understanding Loyalty

Deep down, we are all seeking a deeper connection with those around us. But how do we do that in away that makes good business sense? The gateway to trust and loyalty starts with being grateful, as odd as it may sound to the business world, however, the business worldly appreciate that being grateful is…
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Why Give Gifts?

The goal of every business is to make money. To often people are seduced by the latest trend or worst the internet markets recorded pitch. Seek out reasons. Before you add one more fancy tool to your arsenal. It would be better to make sure that what you currently have in place is working correctly.…
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Develop Magic Rapport

I am a huge fan of Joe Polish. He is an amazing connecter. What is most fascinating is that he does it so naturally. He is just being himself. Isn’t that interesting? Imagine what we could all do just by being ourselves while knowing our value. Joe has created an easy system that will enhance your connectability…
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How to Leverage Your Relationships

And it’s not manipulative. Relationships are like gold to your business and life. If you think about it, your business only exists because you offer something of value that people are willing to pay you for. Jay Abraham, says there is really only one question on people’s mind “who can I trust”. The goal then…
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The Art of Presenting

Presentations are designed to introduce your company to the client and to establish a working relationship that is based on trust. The promotional products salesperson is your ally and will help you create a campaign that stands out from your competitors. They have multiple connections with distributors and suppliers and can help you make sense…
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