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Relationship building really starts with how you think about people. Joe Polish taught me that people can sense when you are being transactional rather than offering them a transformative product or experience. Is your goal to have lasting success? When you invest time, money and energy to develop trusting and loyal relationships consider starting with these simple ideas.

Top Three Most Powerful Actions that Build Relationships

  • A hand written note on nice paper conveying your appreciation for that person.
  • Giving relevant information to someone freely that will benefit their life.
  • An unexpected gift of appreciation to your top client that represents what’s important to THEM.
  • Recognition rewarding a job well done to an employee. (Your employees are your biggest advocates. Value your relationship with them as if it were gold and they will return your investment 10 fold.)

Mistakes People Make When Trying to Build Relationships

  • Sending branded merchandise and expecting that will help to build a relationship.
  • Doing nothing at all because you don’t know what to do.
  • Just getting whatever is easy, pens, mugs, fruit basket without thinking through if it is useful and why they would value it.
  • Giving everyone the same thing, well, unless all your relationships are equal?
  • Not understanding that generosity is incredibly important to your success in life and business.
  • Thinking that once is enough. Forgetting that trust and loyalty is a lifestyle choice.

Another important mistake that leaders make is not recognizing that not all relationships are worth their time, money or energy. As Anna Wintour points out in her recent Masterclass, “you need someone who will push you, that isn’t pulling you back.” As you increase your value to the world the people around should be doing the same.

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